"We are very grateful for your assistance in redesigning the Green Market's website. You showed incredible patience and thoughtfulness in dealing with all the different personalities and points of view that make up our staff and board. Your skills at listening and distilling the essence of what we wanted to portray and then translating that into a visually appealing and informative site are a testament to your professionalism."

Vicki Assevero, Founder, Green Market Santa Cruz


"Land and sea apart and yet a perfect website is created. So obviously having our web designer, Kriston Chen living in Trinidad and Saffron Road in London, Ontario, Canada is not an issue. Email, skype and the old fashion phone is our way of communicating and we can, as a TEAM, put together our ideas and create a new and interesting fashion site for Saffron Road twice a year. Kriston insists that our branding is consistent and yet manages to bring something fresh and exciting to the table every season."

— Gail-Lynn, Brianna & Jennifer, Saffron Road  


"We have worked with Kriston since 2010 and ever since then it has been a great relationship for Corbin Hill Food Project. Kriston has been able to tackle a complex business model and organization and translate it to a website which is visually impressive, easy to navigate, and allows to tell our story to the world. The best confirmation of the quality of the work that Kriston has done comes from visitors to our website who have consistently commented on how well the website looks and functions.

In addition to the work that Kriston has done initially to create the website, he has been flexible in making continuing adjustments and improvements based on the feedback that we receive. He has always been willing to understand our needs and work around those needs. Overall we are fortunate to have a rewarding partnership with Kriston which will continue into the future."

—Krishna Omolade, Director of Operations and Finance, Corbin Hill Food Project

"It is hard to narrow down the BEST thing about Kriston, but one thing I absolutely must mention is his ability to always calm me down and make me laugh whenever I come to him in a a 9-1-1 technology panic. Not only does he track down answers, suggest innovative solutions and stay at the problem until it is solved, his creativity, quick wit and kindness make him one of my favorite people to work with. He also makes our fruits and veggies look stunning!"

—Carey King, Director of Communications & Education, Corbin Hill Food Project

"As a non-designer, I often find it frustrating to hire designers who seemed more concerned with 'flashy' effects and 'shiny' tricks than impactful work. Sadly, this is often the case and after months of work, time and money it's often underwhelming.

This is where Kriston's real value comes through, loud and clear. He is a natural teacher, who guides his clients along a journey of deeper insight into what makes their brand remarkable.

His approach focuses on the essence of your brand and gets to the core of what matters most, to your clients and of course, to you. If you find yourself rambling when trying to explain your brand or disappointed that each sale in your business feels like a "cold call" — hire Kriston. The result will change your life and open your eyes to the true potential of graphic design."

—Parris Whittingham, Founder, From Parris With Love

"In May 2012, The Fresh Milk Art Platform Inc. put out an open call for a designer to come on board and work with our team, and we chose Kriston. It has been a pleasure getting to know Kriston over the past couple of years while working together on a variety of projects.

Kriston has always taken great care in listening to what our needs are and he has consistently provided clean designs and professional service which match our network perfectly. His design work is always excellent and refreshing and he possesses good communication skills. 

He brings a very positive attitude to every thing he does, making him a wonderful person to collaborate with. I recommend Kriston without hesitation."

—Annalee Davis, Founder, Fresh Milk Art Platform Inc.

"Earlier this year, we wanted to diversify the graphic design work in our programming and Kriston came highly recommended by one of our long-term partners. Since then we have worked with him on a range of design concepts and have found his service to be creative, timely and accurate.

Kriston has produced exceptional results under tight schedules, and has the rare ability to combine artistic creativity and a truly unique vision of understanding the needs of the clients. With excellent communication and organizational skills the results were thorough, creative and idiosyncratic.

I strongly recommend Kriston to other similar projects, and look forward to continuing our working relationship."

—Holly Bynoe, Founder, ARC Magazine