Moulded Memories, by Josh Lu

What a real delight to collaborate with fellow Trinidadian designer and good friend, Josh Lu, on his first art exhibition in Trinidad at the Medulla Art Gallery entitled, Moulded Memories: The Shaping of the Subliminal.

Lue Chee Kong’s [Josh Lu] pieces are a captivating blend of recollections: ancient Mayan art, Native American expressions, African imagery, Asian articulations and contemporary popular culture. —Marsha Pearce

There's nothing quite like it, really. Josh Lu's imagination runs wild with these strange, beautiful creatures he sets loose in the majestic white box that is Medulla Art Gallery.

The title of the collection is called Moulded Memories. This title was created from my fascination about dreams and my curiosity of how some dreams are remembered and some forgotten. —Josh Lu

Standing 4 inches tall, some more some less, some tilted some erect — Josh Lu's Moulded Memories exhibition is an outstanding collection of both familiar and not so familiar things, keeping us oddly curious and strangely connected: childhood, Tim Burton, folklore, mandalas, robots, monsters, Amazon tribes, doodles, plasticine, siblings, anatomy, etc. His use of the popular Munny toy is a refreshing and contemporary canvas that breaks several molds — combining clay, and going against the grain of the currently obnoxious oversaturation of pop art trend by Munny artists in the medium. Go Josh! A real pleasure working on your exhibition titles and catalogue pieces. Looking forward to our next adventure.