Brianna McCarthy's Saints & Jumbies

Not being an exact, objective or necessarily rational exercise, art may be the science of the intuitive. The artists constructs worlds and presents ideas that are sums of her experiences. Her aesthetic, psychological, political, physical, social, moral technical and spiritual experiences contrive, compete and collide to find a place in the works and expressions she shares. Invariably, she threads together a canvas of precise choices - every work, every stitch every stroke, every colour and contour - the result of a myriad of intuitive selections and rejections, or Saints and Jumbies”

Saints and Jumbies presents and represents an exploration of choices and intuition that Brianna has engaged since “AfterColour” her first major exhibition which opened in March 2012. Saints and Jumbies, the choices from the current mind of Brianna McCarthy.
— Dave Williams

In the bottom left portrait above, it reads:

I have called you but you did not answer.

It's in the hair, the strands. What sounds like a teenager's plea, is texture — light and shadow — cursive ink. She doodles and time draws a mirror, a portrait of something deeper, intuitive and always beautiful. Blink once. Just dots, lines and colour. Blink twice. A window to her soul. She connects. How brave one must be to paint portraits.

I have called you but you did not answer. Brianna McCarthy's calling needs no answer really. No third party validation. It's her questions that I look forward to, and her answers, be it illustrations, collages, dollies, etc., I admire and support. Congratulations Brianna McCarthy.

Her show entitled, Saints and Jumbies, is on at the splendid Medulla Gallery, in Woodbrook, Trinidad until June 13th.