God Loves the Fighter Trailer

About time Trinidad came out with something worth its weight in oil — entertainment. From last night's Miss Miles to the European Film Festival currently going on, to the annual Trinidad Film Festival, now in its 8th year. There's certainly a lot going on in this little island of ours. Move over Carnival, you is old and slow moving. Hello Trinidad film.

God Loves the Fighter

TRINIDAD — King Curtis, a vagrant on the streets of Port of Spain, is constantly ignored by passersby. He speaks and if he has to — sometimes shouts the truth about the stories behind the newspaper headlines. As the conductor of our story, King Curtis introduces us to a young man named Charlie...

Charlie, a resident east of the lighthouse, is trying his best to stay on the right path. However, with no job in sight, he is finding it hard to say no to other "opportunities". A chance of redemption presents itself when Dinah, a professional streetwalker, crosses his path in need of help.

As the story unfolds, King Curtis reveals the ripple effect created by a person's decision making; leading to moments of triumph and moments of tragedy.