Baseline Magazine: a publishing (ad)venture


A film documenting the publishing (ad)venture of Baseline Magazine. It is a brief, yet in depth summary about how the International TypoGraphics Magazine is produced and shows it's associated activities. The film is a collaboration between Marta Patlewicz, film maker based in Rochester, the University for the Creative Arts (UCA) and us, Baseline Magazine. Enjoy and get curious.

Baseline Magazine is an outstanding graphic design publication. It's the magazine, as a design student, you love to read. It's the one next to Eye Magazine that you sometimes cannot afford, so you indulge standing up and then sitting down on the ground with a Starbucks' coffee at Barnes & Nobles. It's a learning instrument. Both delightful and informative. Where you learn a lot about typography indirectly, by seeing and reading. But above all, always, enjoying.