Machel Montano ft. Freetown Collective: REPRESENT REMIX


Freetown Collective:

The name Freetown was the original name given to the entire area now known as Belmont, so called because it was a settlement of formerly enslaved Afrikans who bought their freedom, settled there and worked to free others. A while back I looked at my community and I knew this was not what the ancestors intended, as such I decided I would try to reform firstly my own thinking towards becoming Freetown, I met my brothers Keegan Maharaj and Fanthom C De Abolique and we agreed that this was a good center around which to build our philosophies. Extend your Freetown from your own mind, to your family, to your neighbours to your community, your country, The world. That is the brief history. That is the idea, to create a Freetown out of every single being that listens to this message. Given our specific history, all of Caribbean is a Freetown, Given our reality, the entire world is a Freetown. Build a foundation upon which to rest a dynasty. Know your history like a Freetown.



Director: Damian Marcano
Producer: Alexa S. Bailey
Executive Producer: Machel Montano
Assistant Director: Aaron “Tiny” Richards

Produced by: London Future & The IZ
Mixed by: Kasey Phillips
Mastering: Martin Raymond


One without a myth is like one uprooted, having no true link either with the past, or with the ancestral life which continues within him, or yet with contemporary human society. To know your myth is the task of all tasks.
— Carl Jung