Come Carnival Catharsis


In a previous blog post, I expressed concern over a particular front page of the Trinidad Newsday (see post here). In it, from a design perspective, all roads lead to hell and back. In particular, the block of yellow text that read: Girl, 13, raped on way home from school. Next to it, is an image of Shuntelle Thomas in yellow beads and bikini. From a visual standpoint, designer or not, colour creates a strong relationship here between image and text. It's obvious, yellow in this case does not work favourably at all in Shuntelle Thomas's front page debut. Newsday should be held accountable for this irresponsible behaviour, encouraging a culture of fear, rage and reproductive drive that sends mixed messages and who knows what else, maybe another Newsday headline for increased male readership tomorrow and the day after. Not easy being a news man. Ethics do matter because the alternative is defeating and damaging.   


That said, Newsday does have it in itself to put together a decent front page (see above for Ash Wednesday 2013). Its a front page about celebration. About Carnival — the Festival of Life. No bad taste this time. No mincing of words or images, or Freudian slips. Just a newspaper reporting and doing its job effectively and responsibly. Well done Newsday. Let's make 2013 better. Now about that sugar ad...