Photo by:  Shaun Rambaran

Photo by: Shaun Rambaran

“Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity.”
— Simone Weil

A word you hear often used in association with Alice Yard is generosity

Every Sunday from 3 to 6pm, #1000mokos meets at Alice Yard. With the help of a small group of friends, we teach about 10 to 15 new people how to stiltwalk each week. We call them Sunday Sessions or Sticks In De Yard.

What defines these Sundays is a spirit of generosity. By individuals — parents, children, teachers, and others learning. It's an exchange of gifts. For my team it's our love for stiltwalking and sharing this knowledge and activity. Parents bring a sense of nurturing to the yard and also help us grow individually as leaders to further grow this community. Children provide the invaluable gift of helping all of us see the world in new ways. Each person learning is a lesson in trust and mindfulness. It's this weekly and monthly routine and constant practice that culminates in a spirit of generosity. Both in and out of the yard. It's rooted in how we pay attention to each other. As my friend Damir said, it's more than a means to stiltwalk. 

I'd like to dedicate this post to my good friend Richard Rawlins — one of the most generous persons I have met in Trinidad and Tobago. When #1000mokos was just Josh and myself, he showed up first and coined the phrase #PonDeTwos.

Often you will hear in the Caribbean walk good. Richard is a good walker. There's probably jokes in that. Richard has probably written them already. #1000mokos is largely a community built around walking. This I value a lot — because there is generosity in walking — in taking steps together. Walking with good people. Thanks Richard. Wishing you and your family safe travels and new adventures. In the generous spirit of moko, walk good my dear friend.